rotating crib toy (antagonizer) wrote,
rotating crib toy

vegas bitches

So, i just got home from wonderful Las Vegas. Matt, Ruben and myself started driving at 5am on Sunday and we got to Matt's grandparents house around 9:30. It was sooo fucking hot! Got up to 111 degrees, and dry as fuck to top it off. Oh, the reason we went was for a show...Sworn Enemy, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and Cradle of fuckin' Filth! Great lineup, and a great fucking show.

I was really excited to see Killswitch, i had never seen em before. Howard Jones is god, i'm telling you...That man has the most powerful voice i've ever heard. I'm pretty much dead right now, i was in the pit from Sworn enemy's first note.

The crowd seemed to be split into 3 parts: one part stupid wrist slashing gothic/black metal kids (literally, most were like 14). another part were like me, just the kinda "neutral" people, haha. And oddly enough, a large group of Hardcore kids. I felt like I was in OC (not a good feeling at all!) Best band overall was Killswitch, although they looked a bit pissed 'cause the crowd REALLLLLY fucking sucked. There were a bunch of fights too, even a few bands almost threw down with kids in the audience (the sworn enemy guys literally jumped into the crowd to fuck some dude up, and the Killswitch guitar player kept spitting on some stupid fuck who was talking shit/giving him the finger). I thought crowds around here were bad...i was proven wrong.

Anyway, i need a shower and some rest...i would really enjoy it if I hung out with Ashleigh today ( : I'm sure i will, haha. Well, that's all for now...i'm out
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