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rockin penis

good show tonight in Newport, Darkest Hour,Curl Up and Die, Taken...didn't know about it til last night, and i'm getting in for free so that's pretty awesome! Uhh...I'm waiting for mondayyyyy, Ashleigh gets back from her little vacation. I've left like 4 messages on her phone since Friday, haha. She's gonna laugh her ass off when she listens to them. Not because they're funny, but out of my sheer stupidity and randomness. Oh, fyi...Ashleigh is the awesome/amazing/yaddayadda girl i'm goin' out with. She will be mine...oh yes, she will be mine. There are pancakes in the house, i'm gonna go attack them in a couple minutes. I need blank cds...grrr. Oh, we have a title for the EP now, it's "Intended to Hurt or Wound"...i thought it was very fitting...anyway, i'm outs
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