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Last night's show was fuckin BRUTAL! It started late, which sucks....we didn't play til like 10:30, which is only bad on a school night, which it was. For some reason we were really really tired by the end of our set. I think it was cause we all had really long days, and we played a long ass set. We need to write out set lists from now on to prevent this! and i have to learn to NOT get in the pit for every other band before us. That drains me quite a bit. I met the guys from Stricken (well only one formally). They're a fuckin bad ass band, different from our style, but we compliment each other pretty well. I wonder if they dug our music, cause i sure liked their music! Umm...i'm really tired right now....and lastly, HAPPY B-DAY TO MY GIRL SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She rocks mad nuts ( :
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