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well, hello there.

so, i never write in this anymore. Why?? I mean, nothing catastrophic has really happened to me so it wouldn't be interesting to most. But anyway, here's the low down:

Life's been great...I start school in a few days, along with work...Bleeding Through on Friday, that should be sweet. The Every Time I Die show kicked serious ass...Things with Ashleigh have been AWESOME beyond belief, I couldn't be happier. Bowling for Columbine is amazing, and Michael Moore is a Prophet...Oh, and the new Avenged Sevenfold album has not left my cd player. It's absolutely amazing, best CD of 2003.

As for Antagonist, we haven't done much since our last show (when i got my car windows bashed in and Matt got his cab stolen)...But hopefully, our "problem" will be resolved soon. We just need to get off our asses.

That's about it for now...this is pretty much so the homies know what's going on...I expect the same from them ( : Word, I'm out.
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