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i got this from sunny...i liked it, so here ya go!

//10 of your favorite people at the moment:
(in no particular order mind you!)
1) ashleigh figueroa
2) corey ezaki
3) lond garcia
4) matt lopez
5) garrett mcgurer
6) andrew philllluuuuuupssss!
7) andrew paniagua
9) Aaron DA GUZZ Guzman
10) John METAL Strachan

//09 things you look forward to:
0) music, shows, writing, etc.
1) school/work (i know that's really odd, but i miss them both!!!)
2) seeing ash ( :
3) hanging out with the homies
4) My b-day (any thoughts on what i should do??)
5) sending the shit out
6) new A7X and Killswitch!
7) my 5150 II!!!!!!
8) moneyyy
9) Getting calls from great people

//8 things you like to wear (but not all together):
1) my PTW trucker cap
2) jesus chanclas
3) b-ball shorts
4) b-ball jersey
5) blue vans
6) dickies
7) gj and pj hoodies
8) a smile on my face, haha

//07 things that annoy you:
1) ignorance and its infinite forms
2) republicans<<<<word sunny, word 3) OC kids, and OC in general 4) scenekids <<<2 pts for sunny! 5) the ones who ask "are you hispanic?" name is Carlos Alberto Garcia....what the fuck do YOU think? 6) people who can't take a hint! wake UP!<<sunny's on fire! 7) people who call the spanish language the mexican language (i.e. do you speak mexican?) //06 things you say most everyday: 1) word 2) duuuuude 3) Girrrl....oh girrrrrl! 4) PUUUUUTOOOOO!!! 5) I'm just kiddaaaaaang. (thanks to phillips for that one!) 6) Lets go out sometime, i'll cheat on you! (thanks to pablo francisco!) //05 things you do everyday: 1) rock the FUCK out! 2) sleep 3) take a shower 4) online ) : 5) stay home until 10pm //04 people you want to spend more time with: 1) roy and co.<<<INDEED 2) will and geoff 3) marcussss (that'll never happen, haha) 4) grant diggy, g money //10 movies you could watch over and over again: 1) the goonies 2) wet hot american summer 3) ferris buhelers day off 4) pee wee's big adventure 5) LA BAMBA!!!! 6) Tommy Boy 7) Billy Madison 8) Spiderman 9) Return to Oz 10) Reservoir Dogs //10 of your favorite songs at the moment: 1) Every time I die- I been gone a long time, Ebolarama 2) Poison the Well- Meeting again for the first time 3) mars volta- take the veil cerpin taxt 4) vital remains- dechristianize 5) blood has been shed- don't know the name, haha 6) Avenged Sevenfold- Eternal rest + Chapter 4 7) Killswitch Engage- All of "Alive or just breathing" 8) Stratovarious- Black Diamond 9) Brujeria- Don Quijote Marijuana 10) Lamb of God- Ruin + 11th Hour //01 person you would spend the rest of your life with: Brian from Family Guy ( :
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