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take the veil, biznatch taxt!

Last night was good times in Chino (xchinocorex, haha). We played for around 300 strangers, but the kids looked like they wanted some action. So we hit the stage and gave it to them, right in the crotch! We got a pretty awesome response, i've never seen so many kids dancing to our music!!

I was really really stressed out cause we were late, and lond was being a little b about one of our songs, but i got over it, played the show, and was happy afterwards. I think i freaked Ashleigh out from being all wired, haha. Oh well...we took pix, i'm so excited to see them!

Plan for today is to be a bum (wait, isn't that my daily schedule?). Later i'm gonna visit Ash-monster at the casa. That's always fun, yay!

Go pick up the new Mars Volta, NOW! I'm out
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