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welcome to your sticky closet

roy is the KING of pole smoking. Good times w/ him, PJ, Pat and Colimoe watching Old School...YOU GOT A FUCKIN DART IN YOUR NECK! I've been burning up copies of the new EP, dat shit be sounding tight. I'm really really proud of it. I've been doing much hanging out with a little lady named Ashleigh, who i happen to adore. Great great great person, she's the way it SHOULD be. Dem bitches and hoes best be taking lessons from Ash on the correct way to do things. Take notes, cause ya'll are way behind. Can't wait to play shows again. I'm never ever gonna cut my afro puff, it's huge! Well, i must be going now...shower time, i'm gonna drop in on Ash at work, and embarass her like always...Peace!
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